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A monument is built because there was a life ó not a death


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About Us

James VanBraggan established Dowling Monuments in 1983.  It was purchased by Bev in 1999 when Mr. VanBraggan passed away at the age of 77.  The business location was moved to Bedford in 1999 and to itís current location in 2003.  Dowling Monuments is pleased to continue the commitment of Mr. VanBraggan in helping families create a everlasting memorial for their loved ones.

Since no two people are the same in life

We feel that no two memorials should be the same

Our years of continuous service to families affords us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of personalized memorials.  This allows our families the opportunity to remember loved ones in their own unique way.


The years of experience held by Dowling Monuments and Markers assures complete satisfaction and peace of mind for all our families.  From the beginning selection process to the final placement.















We are proud members of the Monument Builders of North America.  Establishing our continued commitment and dedication to our profession


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