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A monument is built because there was a life ó not a death


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Service Details

Dowling Monuments and Markers is fortunate to have the experience behind them that allows them the opportunity to provide their customers with total service to meet all their memorial needs.


Some of the services provided are:

 Consultations regarding the monuments/markers

Providing options to the families that enable them to create their unique monument

On site engraving of memorials in stock

On site engraving of final dates at cemeteries

Obtaining and reviewing all sketches with families prior to etching

Providing all lettering prior to memorial completion for family approval

Contacting cemeteries regarding rules and regulations of memorial placement

Making certain the are of memorial placement has a proper foundation to support the monument selected

Placement of the memorials at cemeteries

 We have found, through our years of experience, that each memorial is different and unique in itís own right as are our families.  Our staff will work closely with all involved to provide each family with the assistance necessary to assure their wishes are expressed in a positive, hassle-free environment. 




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